Let’s Make a Proper Cup of Tea

A Proper Cup of Tea

I’ve been wondering how best to counter the ridiculous argument, (as put forth in Anne’s unfortunate post, amongst other places), that tea confined to a tea-bag is an acceptable substitute for tea properly prepared by being allowed to float freely in a teapot, and it occurred to me that perhaps a simple demonstration of the ease of “making a pot of tea” would enlighten even the dimmest of us.  (And if we’re really lucky, maybe even Anne!)

I started this experiment by selecting one of our more clueless colleagues, carefully introducing him to a simple plastic jar of some tea I picked up at a local grocers.  (Editor’s note:  We do sell this tea in our store, along with a selection of other loose leaf teas.)

Loose Leaf Tea and Teapot

Loose Leaf Tea and Clueless Individual

The goal was to watch this colleague successfully brew a pot of tea, proving, once and for all, that ANYONE may do so, and that the alleged “convenience” of tea-bags is simply an illusion.

Step 1:  Put the tea into the teapot.

Putting the Tea into the Teapot


The Tea successfully added to the Teapot

Step 2:  Boil some water.

A tea kettle, full of water and getting hot!


Step 3:  Pour the boiled water into the teapot.  Wait 4 – 5 minutes.

Our Test Subject, who having poured boiled water into the white teapot in the foreground, is waiting for the tea to brew.


Step 4.  Carefully pour the brewed tea through a strainer into a teacup or mug.  (Editor’s note:  Of course we also sell strainers, teapots,  and mugs!)

Pouring the tea through a strainer into a mug

You will want to pour ALL the tea out of the teapot at this point, else it will continue to brew and become too bitter.  Depending on how much tea you made, (controlled, obviously, by how much tea and water you put into the teapot, and the capacity of the teapot!), you’ll want to have one or more additional mugs or other containers ready.

The particular teapot makes two large cups of tea.

Congratulations!  You have now brewed a proper cup of tea!

Teapot, Strainer, and a delicious Mug of Tea


One final note: in my experience, you are better off choosing a simple strainer such as this one that you pour the tea through, rather than fussing with a strainer that goes inside the teapot.  Tea brews better when it is allowed to swim freely throughout the teapot!