The Tea I Grew Up On


This is the tea I grew up on, “Constant Comment” by Bigelow.  It makes what I still consider to be the most wonderful iced tea imaginable.

It wasn’t always easy being a Southern girl growing up in the Northeastern USA, where the people never heard of “sweet tea”, and drank their iced tea straight, without sweeteners.

Ugh!  This was so bitter to me!

Thank God for “Constant Comment“!  Adding some sugar to the brew, (while it was still warm so the sugar would melt), I was able over time to convince even my most hardened neighbors to “sweeten things up a bit”.

Bigelow has page giving a brief history of Constant Comment.  (Did you know that Wikipedia says that Bigelow now owns the Charleston Tea Plantation, America’s only surviving tea garden?)

YouTube has a short video where David C. Bigelow, Co-Chair of Bigelow Tea, describes how his mother, Ruth Campbell Bigelow, first created Constant Comment tea.

And here is one final article on Constant Comment, from Yankee Magazine.  (I guess this southern girl has to admit that even you yankees can acknowledge a good thing when you find it!)

If you’ve never tasted Constant Comment, (and why the heck not?), try it!  I’m sure you’ll be pleased.